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Masjid At-Taqwa Multi-purpose Hall

Masjid At-Taqwa has begun work on the huge Masjid warehouse located in front of the prayer hall. The warehouse holds huge potential for the many services the Masjid can provide to the community. This includes prayer overflow, conferences & da'wah activities, charitable events and banqueting facilities available to hire.

These facilities, by the Permission of Allah, will generate a steady source of income for the Masjid which in turn will provide greater sustainability of existing dawah activities and events. Increased funding will also provide potential growth of activities into new services and dawah projects insha'Allah. [Current funding is sourced through the kind donations of the community and, for the most part, voluntary services of individual brothers and sisters - Alhamdulillah!]

Currently, there are many areas of work within the warehouse that are outstanding. This includes in order of priority:

  1. The replacement of the entire asbestos roof which is significantly damaged and leaks in many places  
  2. Segregated toilet and washroom facilities which are independent from the Masjid toilet and ablution facilities 
  3. A kitchen facility 
  4. Electrical work including audio/visuals 
  5. New windows 
  6. Face lift including the replacement of the two large exterior shutters 
  7. Plastering 
  8. Air Conditioning 
  9. Suspended Ceiling 
  10. Flooring & Decorating

 Much of the work is currently on hold due to insufficient funds. To that end, we are appealing to the community to assist us in completing this project and make our services to the community a reality, for the sake of Allah.

The cost breakdown is as follows: 

  1. Masjid Warehouse 
  2. Roof £55,000 (Actual) 
  3. Toilets £25,000 (Estimate) 
  4. Kitchen £25,000 (Estimate) 
  5. Electrical work including audio/visuals £30,000 (Estimate) 
  6. Windows £4,000 (Estimate) 
  7. Face Lift £12,000 (Estimate) 
  8. Plastering £20,000 (Estimate) 
  9. A/C £25,000 (Estimate)  
  10. Suspended Ceiling £7,000 (Estimate) 
  11. Flooring & Decorating £15,000 (Estimate)

The total cost of this project is = £220,000

Currently a total of £50,000 has been raised. An additional £170,000 is required to reach our target.

Help us to help the community - to donate now please click here.

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